Crazy Dead Reviewed in the Globe & Mail

Crazy Dead Reviewed in the Globe & Mail

Posted on July 4 by Kyle in Reviews
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The next Cordi O'Callaghan mystery is here, and the reviews are rolling in. Take a look at the latest from the Globe & Mail...


The fourth outing for zoologist Cordi O’Callaghan is, literally, depressing. O’Callaghan finds herself in the throes of an unrelenting black pit and is admitted to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). This is a place where people with mental illnesses are supposed to be safe, but when one patient dies it’s clear to O’Callaghan that there’s murder afoot. Kingsmill, who hails from Toronto, is a zoologist and obviously knows plenty about depression and its treatment at CAMH. Combine that with a locked-ward mystery, loaded with suspects high (doctors, staff) and low (patients) we end up with both a why-done-it and who-done-it. Both plot lines work and Kingsmill once again delivers a first-rate story with an engaging heroine.

- The Globe & Mail

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