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Posted on November 5 by Mary Jennifer Payne in Teens
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Smith shakes her head sadly. “Your resistance defies logic, Jasmine. A population of only a few

hundred thousand will ensure that the Earth’s remaining resources are protected. Think of the

animals, the birds, the insects that will be saved by our reducing the destruction that

overpopulation has wrought.”



A very strange thing happened between the time I began writing the opening pages of Finding

Jade to the release of Darkness Rising . And that is that events in our world started to mirror

those that had happened within the already written pages of the Daughters of Light trilogy. As

I’ve explained before in interviews, Finding Jade was initially inspired by a student in my class

who was being bullied, the displacement of people from the latest Sudanese War and then

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s silencing of scientists with regard to climate change.


When I began writing the series, I was extremely concerned about former Prime Minister

Stephen Harper’s muzzling of environmentalists and scientists. Not only did the denial of climate

change seem to defy logic and reason, it made me wonder, beyond money, why one would

want to hide the very obvious danger our planet was in, thus delaying green policy changes and

action. And, as a writer’s mind often does, mine began to wander and imagine very nefarious

reasons for this which led to the fictional scenario that perhaps the most privileged in our world

might plan to reduce the planet’s population in order to ensure their own survival. As such,

science and knowledge would have to be kept from the masses under the guise of

benevolence. That led to the creation of the character of Toronto mayor, Susan Smith, who is

an environmentalist corrupted by power to the point where she’s willing to do anything to ensure

her own survival as climate change takes hold of the world. She makes ‘deals’ throughout the

trilogy, starting with Jade’s soul in exchange for the survival of Lola’s son, Femi. Smith also

ensures that desperate people searching for refuge in areas like Toronto with intact

infrastructure and sufficient resources, especially water, are ‘othered’ and perceived as a threat

to the point where even children are locked away in camps where they are abused and

neglected. Though my initial inspiration for these camps in Solomon’s Ring were the Japanese

internment camps of the Second World War, I don’t think I need to underscore the fact that the

disturbing policies and actions of the current administration in the United States under Donald

Trump with regard to people seeking asylum at that country’s southern border are precisely why

I wrote the Daughters of Light.


Perhaps the most inspiring way I’ve witnessed this trilogy reflected in current events is the

incredible power of young people in the fight to save our planet. Autumn Peltier of the

Anishinabek Nation, Jerome Foster, Greta Thunberg and Xinhitezcati Martinez are just some of

the young people who have dedicated their lives to fighting for our planet’s future. They embody

the very essence of Jasmine and Jade Guzman and all the Seers in the Daughters of Light

series. They are visionaries. Like Jasmine is in the passage I opened this blog with, they are

often mocked and ridiculed by those in positions of power and privilege. And yet we see that

these young people have incredible strength, conviction and optimism. They speak truth to

power and the power of those words has galvanized environmental movements, like the

Extinction Rebellion, that are sweeping our planet. They are the true Seers.

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