Dundurn in Montreal

Dundurn in Montreal

Posted on March 6 by Kyle in News
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Dundurn hit the road in February to visit booksellers in Montreal for the Montreal Book Fair. Enclosed in their rental Fiat, sales manager Synora Van Drine and publicist Michelle Melski battled snowbanks and cold weather to find what they love most: books and booksellers.

The first stop for Synora and Michelle was Bibliophile, an English-language bookstore that has been in business for over thirty years. Inside those cozy walls is a curated collection that is both intimate and wide-reaching. Be sure to sign up to their newsletter for book reviews!

                                                   Michelle with Bibliophile owner and bookseller extraordinaire, Sandra.

Here&;s Michelle with Bibliophile owner and bookseller extraordinaire, Sandra.

Next up was Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, a bookstore specializing in literature and graphic novels and an abundance of fantastic literary events. Check out their Tumblr page, because they are so cool they have a Tumblr page.


We spotted Synora surrounded by great books at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly.

The following day our team travelled once again in search of good books. They found Librairie Clio, an independent English-language bookstore located in Pointe-Claire, where they met bookseller Shanda who gave them the grand tour of the spacious store. If you stop by you have to check out their mystery section, it’s to die for.


And here&;s Shanda showing off their Globe and Mail bestsellers table.

Synora and Michelle made their final stop at Livres Babar, Pointe-Claire&;s popular kids and teen bookstore. Tucked away in the Pointe-Claire village, this bookstore is what fairy-tale dreams are made of. They sell both English- and French-language books and have an impressive selection to please every young reader.


                                                                Livres Babar in February.