Fall is here!

Fall is here!

Posted on March 15 by Kyle in News
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No not the season, thankfully. The Dundurn Fall 2016 Catalogues are here, take a look at the books coming up later this year!

Our Adult catalogue

Our Kids & Teen catalogue


... Still here? If that didn't tempt you, here is a sneak peak at Richard Scarsbrook's next book, Rockets Versus Gravity.


Rocks and Rockets

The flutter of a butterfly’s wing.
The typhoon halfway around the world.
You linger in her doorway. Your molecules mingle.
In the sky outside, the vapour condenses.

(The sensitive dependence on initial conditions.)

If you gently brush that raindrop from her cheek, the slight cool wetness will amplify and warm, until she beckons you into her perfumed inner sanctum, where you will kneel to anoint her fragile sacred orchid.

Then, these enraged men will lower their stones. Others will pull their fingers away from the buttons that launch the rockets.
They will hang their heads in shame and think again.
And the rockets that fly instead will escape the tyranny of gravity, will float free in space, will explore new worlds.

But, if you try to take her from behind right here in the hallway, then tomorrow the stones will pummel the earth, and the rockets will fall from the sky.

So, do what you will.