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Posted on April 2 by Chitra Anand in Non-fiction, Recent Releases
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The words "what if" have always been part of my vocabulary and thought process. What if we tried a new approach to how we attract talent? What if we tried a new kind of campaign to connect with our audiences?  What if we did a little experiment?

One of the things that I’ve found quite interesting in my work is that within companies, there are a whole bunch of things happening … but they aren’t the right combinations of things. I started to think, what if these organizations could emulate a greenhouse? What I mean by that is: With the right conditions, the right mindset, the right guiding principles, and the right sort of infrastructure, what if an organization could start to flourish like a greenhouse? This was the question and inspiration behind my book.

I created the parallel to a greenhouse because I believe the biggest issue that large, complex organizations face is that the good components are not being applied in the right way. By changing mindsets, restructuring guiding principles, and shifting models, problems can start to be solved in better ways. Whether it’s talent acquisition, funding methods, leadership, or culture, I believe that organizations can flourish and come together if simple ingredients are put together.

This is especially important when you look at what’s happening in the world right now. With globalization, we are highly competitive, and big companies are being displaced by foreign businesses and start-ups.

As the marketplace changes, organizations need to look at the current functions and forms under which they operate, because ultimately, they will need to reorganize in order to sustain themselves in the new economy.

My hypothesis is, and always has been, that the solution to the problem is not in setting up incubators. The Greenhouse Approach is really about looking across the organization. In order for these companies to scale their innovation efforts, there needs to be deliberate and intentional movement from within.

My thinking has always been that if you want true experimentation, it can’t just happen in a think tank. Risk-taking and challenging of current ways need to happen throughout the organization.



Chitra Anand

Posted by Dundurn Guest on March 27, 2018
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Chitra Anand

Chitra Anand is an award-winning communications and marketing executive with over twenty years' experience in the technology industry. She has spent time as the head of communications for Microsoft Canada, director of marketing at Telus Corporation, and director of operations at OpenText. She lives in Toronto.