#InsideDundurn with Kathryn

#InsideDundurn with Kathryn

Posted on April 25 by Kyle
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Have a question about a book? Want to know where in the process it is? Ask Kathryn. As Dundurn’s Managing Editor, she is the one who oversees a book’s life from start-of-edit, over to design, and through production. 

“I work with the editors to ensure that everything goes smoothly through the production process,” Kathryn explains, “I also work a lot with design. I’m the go-between for the two departments, design and editorial.

Sound simple? There’s more to it.

There are numerous editors that have a hand in creating a book. The acquisitions editor is out in the field, finding authors, and making deals with agents. They are the ones that bring the book in.

Developmental editors work on the manuscript with the author. They are the ones working on the book’s writing, plot, and structure.

Then it’s brought to the copy editor. By the time a manuscript gets to them, the bigger issues should have been ironed out, but a copy editor is looking at the finer  details and also brings a fresh eye to the project.  After all, “It’s always good to have another set of eyes.”

Kathryn’s reach also extends outside the office, as she’s the one who works with our freelancers.

“It’s nice to work with freelancers. They are an essential part of the publishing industry,” Kathryn says before adding, “And there are a lot them out there!”

Speaking of the industry, I thought Kathryn perfect to answer a question that everyone in publishing gets asked at some point.

“Do you read all your books?”

“No, that would be impossible,” Kathryn answers with a chuckle, “I sign off on the proofs, so I often feel like I’ve read all the books when I have not. You have to watch out for that.”

What about reading for pleasure? In the same way a chef may come home and not want to cook more, I wonder if editors are the same.

Kathryn pauses, and considers the idea. “Most editors read less, I think, because they read all day but a requirement of being an editor is being aware of what’s out there.”

So what does Kathryn like to read?

“Well, when I get a chance to read, I like heavy fiction, very literary. I always try to find the time for authors like Russel Banks and William Faulkner.”

Shouldn’t we all?