Mary Beacock Fryer 1929 - 2017

Mary Beacock Fryer 1929 - 2017

Posted on October 31 by Kyle
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We're deeply saddened to share the passing of Dundurn's first author, Mary Beacock Fryer.

Mrs. Fryer was born in Brockville in 1929. Her love of history showed as a young woman and she eventually graduated from The University of Toronto with an Honours Degree in Historical Geography.

She worked as a town planner, instructor, and map curator before moving on to become a dedicated author in 1974.

"Mary Fryer wrote many books but she was the first author Dundurn published," remembers Kirk Howard, our president and founder, "She entered the process with enthusiasm and dedication. Her deep knowledge and love of Ontario history, especially the Loyalist period, taught me and her colleagues a great amount.

Together with Mrs. Fryer, we published over 15 books on an assortment of historical topics including a trilogy on the Simcoe family: Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe: A BiographyOur Young Soldier: Lieutenant Francis Simcoe, 6 June 1791–6 April 1812, and John Graves Simcoe: 1752–1806, A Biography

On behalf of Mr. Howard and everyone at Dundurn Press, we offer condolences to Mrs. Fryer's family and friends. Mary Beacock Fryer remains a key figure in our history and we shall remember her fondly.