The Nuclear Secret that Brought Aliens to Manitoba in 1975

The Nuclear Secret that Brought Aliens to Manitoba in 1975

Posted on August 22 by Grant Cameron in Non-fiction
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It was 1975. The Vietnam War had ended and the United States had been defeated. That part of the story most people know.

Less well-known is that in 1975, all along the Canadian U.S. border, U.F.O.s were everywhere. There were large number of sightings in Ontario, Manitoba, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

The sightings were accompanied by the highest number of cattle mutilations of any year in history. Key Air Force bases along the border were getting special attention from the U.F.O.s. Each base reported that unidentified flying objects were hovering over highly restricted areas where the nuclear weapons were stored. Eventually, a man named Travis Walton was reported abducted by a U.F.O. and held for five days.

Just outside of Winnipeg, a small town called Carman, Manitoba was being visited almost every night by a U.F.O. The object became locally known as Charlie Red Star due to the intense red glowing plasma that surrounded it. When a Winnipeg TV station captured the object on film jumping 5,000 feet into the air, I raced with friends to see for myself. An hour after arriving, Charlie flew low in front of our moving car and my life was changed forever.

Driven to know everything possible about this sighting, I spent two years tracking down all the (mostly reluctant) witnesses in Carman and surrounding towns. I took pictures and analyzed them painstakingly. I investigated the sites the object had reportedly landed. There were so many reports it was hard to talk to everyone. One major U.S. media outlet was preparing to call Carman “The U.F.O. Capitol of the World.” Then suddenly, the sightings stopped, and no one has seen anything since.

It was thirty-five years later that I discovered a nuclear weapons connection that may explain why U.F.O.s chose southern Manitoba to visit. Records showed that when sightings began, in February 1975, one hundred new nuclear missiles were being installed just south of the border. In November, 1975, the missiles were removed, and the U.F.O. sightings stopped.

Now forty-two years later, many researchers have written about the U.F.O.-nuke connection. Researchers, I believe, also have a better understanding of the intelligence behind the phenomena and why it may be here. Extraterrestrial contact with earth is the most compelling mystery of all. No other tale will even come close. I, like hundreds of people in the Carman, Manitoba area, was lucky enough to witness the U.F.O.s and got to play a small part in the biggest story of all. That brief moment in time is what is detailed in the book Charlie Red Star: True Reports of One of North America’s Biggest U.F.O. Sightings.

Grant Cameron

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 18, 2016
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Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron has been a UFO researcher since 1975. He is the winner of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. He is a world-recognized expert on Presidents and UFOs, the Canadian government and UFOs, the alien music connection, and the relationship of consciousness to UFOs. Grant lives in Winnipeg.