Talking Sticky Branding with Jeremy Miller

Talking Sticky Branding with Jeremy Miller

Posted on May 9 by Kyle in Interview
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Jeremy, tell us a bit about your book.

Sticky Branding is your branding playbook. It provides ideas, stories, and exercises that will make your company stand out, attract customers, and grow an incredible brand.

I wrote the book for small- and mid-sized companies. It doesn’t take big budgets and endless resources to grow a Sticky Brand. It’s achievable for any business willing to challenge industry norms and find innovative ways to serve its customers.

Sticky Branding’s 12.5 guiding principles are drawn from hundreds of interviews with CEOs and business owners who have excelled within their industries. You will learn how to:

  • Attract more customers
  • Sell more faster
  • Inspire employee engagement
  • Become immune to the competition
  • Earn higher profits


How did you come up with the idea? What sparked it?

I was a sales guy who lost his competitive advantage.

I joined my family's business in 2004, but quickly discovered the business was crumbling all around me. Our sales were flagging, we were bringing on terrible customers, and everything we tried to do to improve the situation wasn’t working.

To get to the root of the problem I studied our business. I analyzed the business, our customers, and our market, and the findings shocked me. It wasn't our sales guys or sales processes that were failing, it was our brand.

To turn around the business we rebranded the company: a new name, new positioning, a new approach. Within nine months of the rebrand the business made a U-turn and rocketed into growth mode.

Turning around my family’s business was the catalyst for this book. As I went through the experience, I wished I had a book to help guide me and point me in the right direction. Over the past decade I have built on the lessons I learned while rebranding my business. I researched, profiled, and worked with small- and mid-sized companies from around the world to understand how they are growing incredible brands.

This book distills my research and my experiences, and provides you 12.5 Principles to grow your company into a Sticky Brand.


What about the title?

There’s something unique about companies with Sticky Brands. Their customers love them. They come back again and again, and choose them first. Their brand just sticks.

Hence the name, Sticky Branding.

Growing a Sticky Brand is an ideal worth pursuing. It’s a vision and a goal to make your company your customers’ first choice.


Did you have a specific readership in mind when you wrote your book?

Absolutely. The book is written for business owners, marketers, sales people, and professionals of small to mid-sized companies.

This is not a book on how Apple or Starbucks grow global brands and why you should emulate them. This is your book on how to grow your brand, and how to make it sticky.


How did you research your book?

Over the past decade my team and I have embarked on a comprehensive research study to uncover best practices, collect stories, and validate how small- and mid-sized companies are growing Sticky Brands.

Since 2005 we have interviewed over 1,000 CEOs and business owners, 5,000 sales and marketing professionals, and profiled over 750 companies.

This book combines my professional experience developing and implementing brand strategies with the stories and techniques of successful mid-market companies to create a comprehensive guide on how you can grow a Sticky Brand


Where can you find Jeremy Miller?

My blog and website is

I’d love to connect with you on social media. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.

And join the Sticky Branding Group on LinkedIn. It’s one of the largest branding groups on LinkedIn with over 37,000 members.