Tom Harpur 1929 - 2017

Tom Harpur 1929 - 2017

Posted on January 17 by Kyle in News
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It is with great sadness that we learned of Tom Harpur's passing.

Mr. Harpur was the former religion editor and columnist for the Toronto Star, a Rhodes scholar, former Anglican priest, and dedicated professor.

Needless to say, he was an extremely learned man, internationally renown for his writings on religious and ethical issues. He authored ten bestselling books, including The Pagan Christ, in which he uses evidence to dig into the roots of Christianity. One of the book's most famous points argued that Jesus existed more as an allegorical creation than a real man.

"He was a talented writer who was not afraid to tackle difficult subjects," says Kirk Howard, Dundurn's president and publisher.

The news of his passing came to us just days after the decision to re-publish Mr. Harpur's 2011 autobiography, Born Again. We are truly disappointed at losing the opportunity to work with such an extraordinary man once again.


To learn more of Mr. Harpur's life, continue on to the detailed obituaries written for him in The Toronto Star and The Own Sound Sun Times:

Harpur travelled to more than 20 countries, meeting many prominent religious figures — including Mother Teresa (over Christmas) and the Dalai Lama (twice) — as well as embarking on many unique adventures.

- The Toronto Star

He wanted to get people thinking “rather than simply accepting what was put before them.”'

Owen Sound Sun Times