Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on November 26 by HeatherM
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There&;s a just-right gift for everyone, and we&;re here to help you find it. Check out our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, with a book that’s perfect for all the readers on your list!

Happy holidays!



For the History Buff

They Fought in Colour / La Guerre en couleur, edited by the Vimy Foundation

An incredible historic collection of photographs from the First World War, published in colour for the first time.


Riding into Battle by Ted Glenn

This fascinating account of an undertold history follows the exploits of Canadian cyclist soldiers during significant battles of the First World War: Amiens, Cambrai, and the Pursuit from the Sensée.


For the Politics Junkie

Being Prime Minister by J.D.M. Stewart

An fascinating read that sheds light on the lives of prime ministers as ordinary people, examining them through a variety of experiences most Canadians share.


Power, Prime Ministers and the Press by Robert Lewis

The history of the Ottawa press gallery is rich in anecdotes about the people on Parliament Hill who have covered 23 prime ministers and 42 elections in the past 150 years.



For the Sports Fanatic

Hockey 365 by Mike Commito

A moment in hockey history for every day of the year!


Come On You Reds by Joshua Kloke

Takes fans behind the scenes, from the inception of TFC through the team’s lowest years, and finally to the story of how management arguably built the best team in Major League Soccer history.


Blue Monday by Danny Gallagher

The full story behind the unforgettable day in Canadian baseball history that saw the L.A. Dodgers go on to the World Series after sending the Montreal Expos home.


For the Mystery Lover

Cullen and Cobb mystery series by David Poulsen

A journalist with baggage, a PI with a family to think of, and a strong dose of Calgary justice.


For the Fierce Feminist

Jenny Willson mystery series by Dave Butler

A wilderness mystery series featuring sleuth Jenny Willson, a hard-talking park warden who takes her duty to protect her park very personally.


Stonechild and Rouleau mystery series by Brenda Chapman

Detective Kala Stonechild, a woman with a stormy past, and her colleague Jacques Rouleau, a workaholic with a troubled history of his own, have a bad habit of getting into dark places.


Amanda Doucette mystery series by Barbara Fradkin

A former international aid worker with PTSD readjusts to life at home, but finds herself drawn into mysteries as she follows her instinct to help people. This series features a passionate, flawed female protagonist who’s struggling but making a difference in the world.


Wildwood by Elinor Florence

To earn her inheritance, a single mother from Arizona must spend a year enduring pioneer conditions in the remote Alberta backwoods. If she makes it through the year, she can sell the land to fund her daughter’s medical treatment. But a local farmer hopes to stop her plan to sell to an oil company.


For the Biography Enthusiast

Falling for London by Sean Mallen

A funny and touching memoir of how a TV reporter dragged his unwilling wife and daughter to London and how they learned to live in and love the world’s greatest city — despite a falling ceiling, ruinous costs, and quirky Brits.


Bill Davis by Steve Paikin

The first authorized biography of Bill Davis, the enigmatic Ontario premier who carried on a Tory dynasty, but was also a crucial Trudeau supporter.


For those Thrilled by True Crime

A Daughter’s Deadly Deception: The Jennifer Pan Story by Jeremy Grimaldi

Jennifer Pan seemed to be fulfilling her immigrant parents’ dreams: a straight-A student working towards a pharmacology degree. In reality, her golden life was a carefully cultivated facade, covering up an explosive secret world. When her deceptions started to unravel, Jennifer&;s desperate escape plan left a city in shock.


Drop Dead by Lorna Poplak

From Confederation in 1867 until the abolition of the death penalty in 1976, 704 people were hanged in Canada. Drop Dead examines how trial, conviction, and punishment operated, and the relevance of capital punishment today. It profiles notable individuals: victims, murderers, judges, jurors, the wrongfully convicted … and the hangman.


Real Life Super Heroes by Nadia Pezzani

They dress up at night, fight crime, and save people from crimes and other personal disasters. Across North America, there are more than 600 costumed heroes patrolling the streets. Nadia Fezzani has visited, patrolled with, and faced death alongside these caped crusaders to bring readers this in-depth look at the lives and origins of real-life superheroes.


For the Hopeless Romantic

Seasons of War series by Cheryl Cooper

During the War of 1812, a young woman with a mysterious past and connections in very high places flees England for new adventures.


For the World Traveler

Foreign Affairs mystery series by Nick Wilkshire

International thrillers with a globe-trotting diplomat sleuth, each book in this series is set in a different foreign locale (Havana, Moscow, and Tokyo for the first three books). Sleuth Charlie Hillier is just a regular guy working for the diplomatic service – with a knack for getting tangled up in international intrigue.


For the Naturalist

Birder Murder mystery series by Steve Burrows

Inspector Domenic Jejeune has an eye for mystery (though he’d rather be birdwatching...).


For the (Die-hard) Leafs Fan

The Sound of One Team Sucking by Christopher Gudgeon

A hilarious and strangely insightful meditation on the futility of Leafs fandom – a self-help book for recovering Toronto hockey fans, wherever they may live.


J.P. Bickell by Jason Wilson, Kevin Shea and Graham MacLachlan

Without J.P. Bickell, Toronto wouldn&;t have the Maple Leafs. A self-made man who left a giant mark on Canada, Bickell was also an industrial giant, a wartime leader, and a philanthropist – a man whose legacy continues to this day.


For the Kids (and Kids-at-Heart)

The Great Mistake Mysteries by Sylvia McNicoll

An anxious young sleuth contends with mysteries and his own insecurities, without violence and with the help of his strong, book-smart friend Renée.


Weird Stories Gone Wrong series by Philippa Dowding

Spooky, weird, gross, and compulsively readable stories for reluctant middle-grade readers.


For the Crime-Solvers

Jack Taggart mystery series by Don Easton

Jack Taggart knows the rules — written and unwritten. But rules are made to be broken...


B.C. Blues Crime series by R.M. Greenaway 

A rough-edged, realistic portrayal of law enforcement officers. The sleuths are two mismatched detectives, Cal Dion, who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, and David Leith, a small-town cop whose star is suddenly on the rise.


Jack Palace crime noir series by A.G. Pasquella

For Jack Palace, getting out of jail was the easy part. Climbing out of the criminal underworld, not so much.


Border City Blues series by Michael Januska

Prohibition came to Windsor with rumrunners, cops, corruption, and carousing in the 1930s. In the border city&;s shadows and dead ends, bootlegger Jack McCloskey does his best to get by.


For the Business(wo)man

Government Digital by Alex Benay

Industry, academic, and government experts present a roadmap for radical change in how we govern. Learnings and recommendations point the way forward for governments in an age where standing still and doing nothing is equated to failure.


Cherished Fortune by Andrew Allentuck and Benoit Poliquin

Cherished Fortune uses a no-jargon approach to teach inexperienced investors how to maximize their wealth using the same strategies applied by small-business owners.


For the Marine-Minded

Black Flag of the North by Victor Suthren

The incredible story of how pirate Bartholomew Roberts transformed into the king of the pirates. 


Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy by Mark Nelson

A colourful guide to the slang and jargon of the Royal Canadian Navy.


For the Keen Canucks

Canada’s World Wonders by Ron Brown

Take an eclectic journey across Canada to seek out the True North’s world-renowned natural and historic landmarks!


Is Canada Even Real? by J.C. Villamere

This quirky ode to a quirky land is a humourous nostalgia trip and a fun Canadian history lesson couched in a hipster quiz book.


The Great Canadian Bucket List by Robin Esrock

Features experiences that are entirely unique, instantly memorable, wholly inspirational, and available to all.


The Ontario Craft Beer Guide by Robin Leblanc and Jordan St. John

An indispensable guide to the heady world of Ontario&;s craft beer revival.


For the Scare-Seekers

Ghosts of Niagara-on-the-Lake by Maria Da Silva and Andrew Hind

Long-dead British soldiers, grieving lovers, lingering spirits — Niagara-on-the-Lake’s long and colourful history is kept alive by ghosts of its past.


Haunted Hospitals by Mark Leslie and Rhonda Parrish

Journey inside the eerie hospitals, asylums, and sanatoriums that ghostly residents refuse to leave. Mark Leslie and Rhonda Parrish share spooky stories from across Canada, the United States, and the world.


Macabre Montreal by Shayna Krishnasamy and Mark Leslie

Montreal is steeped in history and culture. But there are dark tales, eerie stories, and ghostly spectres that come alive once the sun goes down.