"Book Description Phrases That Drive Me Nuts"

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"Book Description Phrases That Drive Me Nuts"

Posted on October 11 by caitlyn
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While scrolling through Dundurn's social media channels a couple of weeks ago, I found this great headline: "Book Description Phrases that Drive Me Nuts." It was from Book Riot and naturally I was intriqued and had to check it out. Hilarity ensued.

I then had to show it around the office, and our copywriter Andre decided to add to the fun and come up with a list of his own. I had to share:

"Lighthearted": We promise it's not some boring "literary" brick...really! You'll swear you're not even reading! See also: rollicking, readable, zany.

"Much more than a love story": It really isn't.

(Jacket copy specifies main character's age): This book is about growing up and will be sought after by guidance counsellors.

"Poignant": Life sure is a bitch, huh?

"Fully rounded characters": Characters don't all sound like each other, but do all sound like the cast of thousands of other novels.

"but she's about to find out...": Skip straight to Chapter Ten.

"Whimsical character": You thought nothing was more insufferable than a "quirky" protagonist, but you're about to find out...

"[Main character's] life is going off the rails.": Stay tuned for a Very Special Episode.

"Complex": So many twists! You might as well skim.

"Finely spun": As opposed to crudely hammered together? Sold!


Do you have any to add to the list? Let us know on Twitter!

"Lavish/richly illustrated": Book contains at least 20 photos or charts, probably black and white.

Author bio specifies "educator": Schools, pleeeease buy this book!