The Countdown is On...

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The Countdown is On...

Posted on December 12 by admin
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The holidays are rapidly approaching, and all of us here at DundurnHQ spent today pigging out on a table of excessively delicious holiday cookies after a very sucessful cookie exchange/bake-off.  

'Tis definitely the season for great holiday eats and great holiday reads! So as the countdown to the holidays continues, here are some highlights from our awesome titles (any of which would look great under your Christmas tree)!

The Toronto Quarterly featured an interview with Projection author Priscila Uppal, as well as a terrific excerpt. 

Buildings Cities Life by Eberhard Zeidler appeared in the Toronto Star, where it was called, "…Spectacular…"

Combat Doctor by Marc Dauphin was featured in several fascinating TV and radio spots this week, including CBC The NationalCBC News Now, FM 93, Le Monde de Josey and Maclean’s. 

Surface Rights by Melissa Hardy appeared in the St. Thomas-Elgin Weekly News and the St. Thomas Times-Journal.

Mobilize! by Larry D. Rose received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, which raved that:

"The picture Rose paints in the 13 chapters of his book of a Canadian military crippled by governmental foolishness seems oddly familiar to modern eyes; underfunded armed forces and fumbled military acquisitions prove an enduring theme in Canadian history. The author’s account is straightforward, well-organized, firmly presented and utterly damning."

The Great Canadian Bucket List by Robin Esrock was featured all over the internet this week, including here, herehere, and here. says that "As a new Canadian, Robin provides a unique perspective on our vast country, and reminds us that we live in a pretty remarkable corner of the world."

Ted Barris' The Great Escape was included in's  Holiday Gift Guide, and was one of's Booksellers pick top non-fiction books of 2013. It also reached #4 on the Non-Fiction Bestseller list of the Regina Leader Post. 

Lost Beneath the Ice by Andrew Cohen and Parks Canada was also featured in's Holiday Gift Guide, as was 149 Paintings by Julian Porter.

The Globe and Mail reviewed Presto Variations by Lee Lamothe, saying that "salty, smart and sexy Ray and Djuna are back from a Paris case and trying to pretend they’re still there. But cocaine enters and mayhem follows as the pair face, again, the hard reality of law enforcement in their city. Great grit." 

And finally, Festival Man by Geoff Berner continues to receive fantastic press, including a review in the National Post this week that stated that “…Berner/Outinette’s prose can be as effusively engaging as it is scathing and vitriolic…these pages sidestep clichés and comparisons and get at the heart of what the music sounds like and what it does to the listener—an extremely hard thing to do—effectively showing, not telling, the reader what ‘real’ music sounds like.”