Getting Your Downton Fix

Getting Your Downton Fix

Posted on January 7 by admin
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The new series of Downton Abbey started this week, and while I completely love the show, I need more than one hour a week of it. Since I realize that isn’t going to happen (and I assume that you love the show like I do), I have some things that’ll sate your appetitie while you’re waiting for a new episode:

1. Sir John A.’s Crusade and Seward’s Magnificent Folly is a book  that takes place in the same house where Downton Abbey is filmed. In late 1866, John A. Macdonald and other Fathers of Confederation arrived in London to begin discussions with Britain to create Canada. Macdonald and two of his colleagues stayed briefly at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, the stately home of the Fourth Earl of Carnarvon. Today Highclere Castle is widely known as the real-life location for the popular television series Downton Abbey. In Richard Rohmer’s novel, Macdonald talks with Carnarvon at Highclere about legislation to give Canada autonomy, the danger of Irish Fenian assassination plots, and the proposed American purchase of Alaska from Russia. Later, back in London, a fire partially destroys Macdonald’s hotel room, and the future prime minister, trying to curb his fondness for alcohol, woos and marries his second wife, Agnes. Secret deals, romance, and international intrigue all figure in this rousing tale of historical speculation set on the eve of the birth of a nation.

2. The Jalna series written by Mazo de la Roche is what I’m calling the Canadian book version of Downton Abbey. It follows the Whiteoak family, who live on an estate called Jalna, through the generations. The good thing about this series is that there are numerous books in it, so you’ll have plently to read while you wait for new episodes of Downton Abbey to air.

3. If you don’t have a lot of time, but need a Downton fix you should check out this Quiz from PBS. If you take it you’ll find out which character you’re most like. I got Isobel Crawley, who’d you get?

Do you have any other things you do, read or watch to get your Downton fix? Let me know in the comments!