Interview with Brenda Chapman, author of Cold Mourning

Interview with Brenda Chapman, author of Cold Mourning thumbnail

Interview with Brenda Chapman, author of Cold Mourning

Posted on February 12 by Brenda Chapman
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Today, Brenda Chapman, author of the new release Cold Mourning talks to me about her new mysetery series.

Caitlyn: What is your new project?

Brenda: I’ve been working on a new police procedural series set in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. Cold Mourning introduces Staff Sergeant Jacques Rouleau and new recruit Kala Stonechild and will be released March 1. Butterfly Kills, the second in the series, is currently at the beginning of the editing process with a 2015 release planned. I’m also immersed in writing book three so this means that I’m involved in publicity, editing and writing on three different manuscripts all at the same time.

Caitlyn: Tell us about Cold Mourning

Brenda: Jacques Rouleau heads up a special team in the Ottawa police force tasked with preventing major crime and following up on tough cases. Officer Kala Stonechild arrives from a Northern Ontario detachment the week before Christmas and immediately is part of an investigation into a missing businessman who is found dead in the trunk of his car. The series traces the lives and relationships of these main police characters, with each book containing a new murder investigation.

Caitlyn: Tell us a little about the overarching theme of your work, and why you felt      compelled to explore it.

Brenda: Mirroring our current society, an overarching theme in this series is alienation. Characters, for a variety of reasons, feel isolated and lonely—not just the murderers and victims but also those involved in the investigations. The series explores relationships: both failed and fledgling, damaged and good. The plots involve people trying to make connections while working through past problems and disappointments.

Caitlyn: Describe your ideal writing environment.

Brenda: Since I work full-time in communications during the week, my ideal writing environment involves a weekend or vacation with days in a row to create. I most enjoy working in my home office, a room designed for me when we put on our addition several years ago. My desk was built by a carpenter friend and is positioned to look out over our pine trees. I have a gas fireplace and two leather chairs in my reading corner with an overflow of books stacked on the bookshelves, which were built for me by my husband.

Caitlyn: What inspired you to write your first book?

Brenda: The first books that I had published were the Jennifer Bannon mysteries for young adults. I wrote the first one for my daughters as a way of entertaining them with a mystery. I also wanted to see if I could even write a novel. Up until then, I’d written poetry, articles and short stories but never an entire book. After reading the manuscript for Running Scared, my youngest daughter Julia commented, “You write just like a real author”. I think that was the nicest compliment I could have received.