Kid’s 10 Best Questions

Kid’s 10 Best Questions

Posted on May 5 by Philippa Dowding
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As a middle grade author, I have the honour of regularly talking to children across the country. I really enjoy it, and I especially love answering their questions. Here are some of my favourites over the years:

1. “Why did you write your book?” I usually say because I had the idea and I just had to. Kids get that, no problem.

2. “Did you write your book in two hours?” I often ask the class how long they think it takes to write a book, but this estimate was a bit of a surprise.

3. “What’s the last book you’re ever going to write?”  I had to think about how to answer this one honestly without being morbid.  I finally said, "Well, I hope it's something happy that makes other people happy, too."

4. “Are gargoyles really alive?” I get this question a lot. I say they’re alive in my story, and if they seem alive to you then I guess the story has done its job.

5. “Did you really write that?” I try to take this as a compliment!

6. “Who is your favourite author?” I have two: E.B. White and Neil Gaiman.

7. “Which book of yours is your favourite?” If you asked your parents if they liked you better than your brothers and sisters, what would they say?  I like them all.

8. “Do you know my aunt (or my grandmother or my neighbour)?” I think I have a face that looks familiar. I usually say, “Maybe, or maybe we just haven’t met yet.”

9. “Do you think you’re a good writer?” Kids probably want a simple yes/no answer on this, but I say writers don’t think about themselves that way. We just keep writing and hopefully get better with practice.

10. “Could gargoyles live in my backyard?” Yes, definitely. Say hello from me!

Philippa Dowding

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Philippa Dowding

Philippa Dowding is an award-winning children’s author, a poet, musician and a copywriter. Her many literary nominations include the Silver Birch Express, Red Cedar, and Red Maple awards. She lives in Toronto.