A Letter in the Mail

A Letter in the Mail

Posted on March 28 by Ian Darling
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Yesterday, one of our editors received a handwritten letter in the mail. We don't get many old-fashioned letters here at Dundurn — most things come through email nowadays. The letter was passed around to a couple of people but ended up with me.

This letter was from a retiree living in Ottawa. He wanted to get his hands on a copy of Amazing Airmen, by Ian Darling. His problem was that it was hard for him to go shopping because he lived in a retirement home. He hoped that he could buy a copy from us and have it mailed.

In his letter, he said that he had lent his original copy of the book to someone who had never returned it (which to me is the height of bad manners). He wanted to purchase another copy of the book because there was one particular story in it that had struck home for him.

The story is called "Walking with Fifi," and it's told by Flying Officer Gordon Stacey, whose plane, the Halifax bomber LL243, was shot down on a mission in World War II. Though Stacey was able to parachute out of the plane, none of the other crewmembers survived.

It turns out that the writer of the letter we received is the brother of the downed plane’s pilot, Flying Officer Gerry Maffre.

Needless to say, a complimentary copy of Amazing Airmen is on its way to our letter writer, along with a handwritten reply expressing our gratitude for the service of his brother Gerry Maffre and the many other Canadians, who gave everything for our country.

May we never forget our heroes.

Ian Darling

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Ian Darling

Ian Darling comes from an air force family. His father, as well as his two uncles, served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Darling is the author of Go Ask Dad and is the editorial writer at The Record. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario.