The Lure of the Unexplained

The Lure of the Unexplained

Posted on March 20 by admin
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Today’s blog post is from Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe, author of the new release Mysteries and Secrets of Numerology. Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe are president and first lady of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. They have over half a century’s experience investigating and writing about the paranormal, with more than 30 successful titles. They live in Cardiff, Wales.

Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe:

Every new scientific discovery – whether at the farthest edge of the known universe, or inside the smallest sub-atomic particle – emphasizes the strangeness and mystery of our environment.  For over half a century, we have been interested in finding out all we could about everything that didn’t seem to fit with the known laws of physics, chemistry and biology.  We enjoy the excitement of visiting the sites where anomalous phenomena have been reported, talking to witnesses whenever possible, and examining such sites in detail.

When it is the site of a reported haunting, we look at five major possibilities.  Could it be a glitch in time?  Has something happened to time that enables a witness in the 21st century to see something being re-enacted from an earlier era?  Is it what the avant garde physicists refer to as part of the ‘multiverse’? Do probability tracks – the Worlds of If – really exist, and do they sometimes collide with our everyday reality?  Could what honest witnesses describe as ‘ghosts’ or ‘phantoms’ actually be extra-terrestrial in origin?  Or might they be survivors of an ancient civilisation such as Atlantis, or Lemuria?  What if they are traditional ghosts in the Shakespearean or Dickensian sense – the souls, or spirits, of dead human beings?

We are totally open-minded and objective in our investigations: nothing is impossible in this incredible universe.

Of all the mysteries that we have investigated at first hand, there are two that intrigue us most.  The first is the Oak Island Money Pit, in Mahone Bay, just off the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.  In 1795, three teenaged lads discovered a deep shaft that was protected by flood tunnels.  Someone, long before 1795, had hidden something deep below Oak Island, in what may well have been part of a mysterious labyrinth of tunnels.  To this day, no-one knows who created the Money Pit or what it contains.  Our second favourite mystery concerns the  Chase Elliott vault at Christchurch near Oistins in Barbados. Heavy lead coffins moved around in that vault as though in the hands of an invisible giant.