Prince Philip and the Painting

Prince Philip and the Painting

Posted on May 1 by caitlyn
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Today’s blog post is from Nathan Tidridge, author of Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. Nathan was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his 15 years of volunteer support in the education of Canadians on the role of the Crown. He teaches Canadian history and government at Waterdown District High School and was awarded the Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence (Teacher of the Year) in 2007. He lives in Carlisle, Ontario.


When I knew that I was going to write a book about the Duke of Kent I sent Charles Pachter (Don Rouge-Humber’s much celebrated “Cézanne of contemporary pop art in Canada”) a photograph of Simon Weaver’s 1796 portrait of Prince Edward that now hangs in the Legislative Library of Nova Scotia. A historian himself, Pachter began work on a piece that would commemorate the historic 1792 Royal Tour of Upper Canada. Within a few weeks I started receiving pictures from Charles as he crafted his painting which depicted the meeting of Upper Canada’s first Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe and Prince Edward Augustus at Newark, now Niagara-on-the Lake.

The painting depicts Simcoe (at left) greeting the Prince (centre) while a member of the Queen’s Rangers (Simcoe’s regiment) looks on. The waters of Lake Ontario form the dramatic backdrop of this classic work by Pachter.

A print of this work hangs in the Vice-Regal Suite of the lieutenant governor of Ontario David C. Onley (fitting since John Graves Simcoe was the first to hold that high office). Incidentally the lieutenant governor of Ontario holds the rank of colonel in perpetuity of the Ranger’s descendent regiment, the Queen’s York Rangers.

During the recent visit of His Royal Highness Prince Philip to Toronto (April 27th, 2013), Lieutenant Governor Onley showed his royal guest the piece. Fascinated by the painting, Prince Philip was interested to learn about the history it commemorated. Prince Edward Augustus is the great-great-great grandfather of Philip’s wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

Just as Pachter’s “Love Pat 2006” an affectionate portrayal of Her Majesty petting a moose, has become synonymous with my book Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy, his work “The Meeting of Lt. Governor Simcoe and HRH Prince Edward, 1792” completes Prince Edward, Duke of Kent: Father of the Canadian Crown.

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