Vote On Your Favourite Book Cover!

Vote On Your Favourite Book Cover!

Posted on March 12 by admin
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Today’s book cover contest celebrates St Patrick’s day by featuring four books by Irish authors and/or featuring Irish themes. You can find out more about each book below. But first, pick your favourite cover!


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Harry Flammable by Frank O’Keefe: High schooler Harry Flanagan dreams of working in the film industry. When an epic movie begins filming in his town, he pleads with his high school’s Work Experience counsellor to find him a placement. But will Harry’s reputation as a fire starter, and his Harry Flammable nickname, obstruct his ambition?

Celtic Woman by Treasa O’Driscoll: Celtic Woman explores with open honesty and engaging irony how cycles of personal discovery have connected international performing artist Treasa O’Driscoll to heaven and earth but not the way you’d expect.

Flight from Famine by Donald MacKay: Flight from Famine is the moving account of the survivors of the Irish potato famine who helped build Canada in the years that followed Black 47. Their tale is a testament to courage, resilience, and perseverance, as well as an important chapter in the development of pre-Confederation Canada.

Bridget’s Black ‘47 by Dorothy Perkyns: Bridget Quinlan is a spirited 13-year-old when the Irish potato famine of the 1840s shatters her life. When the Quinlans are forced to accept the offer of a passage to Canada, appalling conditions onboard contribute to many deaths so that by the time they reach Grosse Ile, Quebec, Bridget and her sister are alone in the world.