A Word from the Editor: Jennifer on Cold Mourning

A Word from the Editor: Jennifer on Cold Mourning

Posted on February 13 by Brenda Chapman
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Today Jennifer, the editor of Brenda Chapman's new book Cold Mourning tells us what she thinks of the book, and how excited she was to be working on this one!


I started reading horror stories and mysteries at a very young age. I saw my parents and my cousins reading things I wasn’t supposed to, so I started sneaking them away. I grew to appreciate a good mystery that was really character-driven. There’s nothing more bone-chilling than when you can relate to a character and they find themselves in a stressful or scary situation — you can almost imagine being there yourself.

When Dundurn acquired Napoleon and Co., I was really excited that Dundurn was expanding its roster of mystery writers. I was thrilled when I was assigned to work with Brenda Chapman. She had mostly been a children’s writer in the past, but I had only heard good things about her first adult mystery, In Winter’s Grip. The book I was going to work on with Brenda, Cold Mourning, was an even more exciting prospect for me because it was the first book in a whole new series, the Stonechild and Rouleau Mysteries. I knew it was a great chance to work with a brand new set of characters.

One of Brenda’s greatest strengths is in her character development. From the very beginning I connected with Kala Stonechild and was rooting for her success on her first case in a new police department. She’s rough around the edges, but as you get to know her and learn about her difficult past, you understand her motivations and see her kindness. Her new boss, Jacques Rouleau, is a tough but fair leader that you can’t help but respect. Over the course of the book they develop an almost paternal relationship that feels really comfortable.

Stonechild is tasked with solving a murder case that involves a family with a complicated past. She has to sort through the lies, betrayals, and cunning personalities to discover what really happened to Tom Underwood, and to hopefully stop any more family members from meeting the same fate.

Brenda’s next book, Butterfly Kills, looks to be even more intriguing, with a more complex assortment of characters and an even darker plot. I can’t wait!