Words of Mystery. House of Cards.

Words of Mystery. House of Cards.

Posted on August 7 by Suzanne F. Kingsmill
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Writing mysteries is a space of my own, where words surround me

Their sounds vibrate with silence and seduction, symphony and serendipity

Inspiration coalesing into clarity, like figures emerging from the fog

Words rant and rave, wild and free, lassoeed and tamed

To turn to prose that is all encompassing ……….to turn to mystery

Words drenched in meaning  - love, hate, soul, greed, evil, lust, motive, menacing, mystical

Paint a thousand pictures, the brushstrokes different for every canvas

Unfettered by a single moment in time

Words transform into something beyond their definitions

A mystery within a mystery. Endless syntheses inspiring murderous intent

English – a language of a million words

Sometimes quirky,  silly or serious, well known or obscure

Squadrons of words, coddled and cuddled to kindle the soul and tantalize the mind

Multiple meanings for a single word

And mulitple words for a single meaning

Words inspire. Words conspire. Words run dry.

Inspiration on sabbatical. Leaves no forwarding address
The greatest mystery of all

Often unbidden, inspiration comes from within

Prodded by words, or anything defined by words

It can’t be bought, stolen or bribed

It arrives, sometimes seething like a racehorse at the gate

Sometimes softly stealing thoughts

Weaving them into something mysterious

Until suddenly it crsytallizes  into meaning

Like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar

Into the flight of a butterfly- it moves me to another plane

And for awhile, I am caught by its elusive, unfathomable power

A guest in its fragile house of cards.