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Let me begin with a pep talk. No matter how good it is, your book will not sell itself. If your aim is to sell books – either to make money, or simply to share your story with a wider audience – then you must become your book’s best friend, advocate, and business partner.

Through trial and error, I have discovered what works for me – at least, what I think works. There’s a saying that ten percent of all your marketing efforts pay off, but nobody knows which ten percent!


1. Do understand your publisher’s role

Dundurn Press is officially the first Canadian publisher to incorporate Thema classifications for all book and ebook records, it was announced today. The innovation, which makes the company’s title classifications compatible with booksellers worldwide, will position the Toronto-based publisher more strategically in the global market and help make its titles more visible to readers abroad.

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"Book Description Phrases That Drive Me Nuts"

Posted on October 11 by caitlyn

While scrolling through Dundurn's social media channels a couple of weeks ago, I found this great headline: "Book Description Phrases that Drive Me Nuts." It was from Book Riot and naturally I was intriqued and had to check it out. Hilarity ensued.

I then had to show it around the office, and our copywriter Andre decided to add to the fun and come up with a list of his own. I had to share: