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Seeing the Whole Process - Part 1

Posted on February 22 by Kathryn in Teens

Publishing is an exercise in patience, collaboration, and organization. Everyone at Dundurn Press plays an important role in getting books from a raw manuscript to the finished product you end up reading.

I started working at Dundurn Press last September as the editorial intern. While I had completed a publishing program and had a broad understanding of the industry, I was still completely surprised by the amount of time and teamwork it takes to create a book from scratch.

An Intern’s Quickly Growing Reading List

Posted on December 7 by Kyle

This likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but people in publishing love books. Being around books all the time makes cutting down on your to-read list really difficult. Since starting at Dundurn in September, I’ve spotted countless books on our shelves and website that have peaked my attention, making my mental reading list roughly twice its regular size.

Here are just a few of Dundurn’s books that I’ve added to that quickly growing list (and for the record, yes, a few of these are definitely being judged by their beautiful covers, at least at first glance):

Library Memories

Posted on October 22 by admin

In honour of Ontario Public Library Week and Canadian Library Month, here’s a confession: from the time that I was around six until I was about ten I thought of my local librarian as one of my best friends, and I didn’t think it was weird. It was a bit of a joke in my family, starting early when I included her name in a school journal entry listing my best friends. But really, when you grow up in a library, why can’t the librarian be a friend?