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Dundurn Staffers Celebrate Ontario and OAC thumbnail

Dundurn Staffers Celebrate Ontario and OAC

Posted on July 5 by caitlyn

Continuing on our 50th anniversary theme for the Ontario Arts Council, some of the staff here at Dundurn have shared their favourite Ontario memories, things to do and authors:

Anoja – Intern

Toronto is the best part of Ontario

A retreat into the woods is only an hour away in Ontario...

The memories, like the corners of my mind are the best parts of Ontario

Watching a bear majestically running across a field is a sweet memory of Ontario


Synora – Inside Sales

It’s the Ontario Arts Council’s 50th Anniversary this year, and in honour of that some of our Ontario authors have written in with their favourite Ontario memories, places, and things to do.


Cindy Watson – Out of Darkness: the Jeff Healey Story