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Birthing Short Stories

Posted on January 22 by Russell Wangersky

Almost every short story I write starts the same way: I hear a snatch of a sentence, see a small situation unfold, and wonder what would happen next. A man in his twenties brings his new girlfriend to a bar, and runs into his old girlfriend in a space packed so tight, they have no choice but to be shoulder to shoulder.

I get to overhear this small snippet at the beginning: “Hey. Have you met Lauren? This is Lauren.” “Hi, I’m Lauren.”

We are excited for all the new titles and authors. Read all about Dundurn’s purchase of Thomas Allen Publishers in the links below.


National Post, Afterword online article Dundurn Acquires Thomas Allen Publishers, July 31, 2013

Quill &, Dundurn Press Buys Thomas Allen Publishers, July 31, 2013

Open Book Toronto, Dundurn Press Purchases Thomas Allen Publishers, July 31, 2013

Distribution change: Thomas Allen Publishers thumbnail

Distribution change: Thomas Allen Publishers

Posted on August 1 by caitlyn

Effective August 1, 2013, Thomas Allen Publishers, currently distributed by Thomas Allen & Son, will be catalogued, sold and distributed by Dundurn/UTP.
Returns will be accepted by Dundurn/UTP.
Canadian sales will change to Ampersand Inc.
Backorders, where possible, will be transferred to UTP.  Ampersand Inc. reps will confirm with accounts.
Fall 2013 frontlist will be scheduled to release this Fall from Dundurn