The 4 Year Olympian


Improbable, heart-wrenching, and uplifting, Jeremiah Brown’s journey from novice rower to Olympic silver medallist in under four years is a story about chasing a goal with everything you’ve got.

After nearly being incarcerated at age seventeen and becoming a father at nineteen, Jeremiah Brown manages to grow up into a responsible young adult. But while juggling the demands of a long-term relationship, fatherhood, mortgage payments, and a nine-to-five banking career, he feels something is missing. A new goal captures his imagination: What would it take to become an Olympian?

Guided by a polarizing coach, Brown and his teammates plumb the depths of physical and mental exertion in pursuit of a singular goal. The 4 Year Olympian is a story of courage, perseverance, and overcoming self-doubt, told from the perspective of an unlikely competitor.


Jeremiah Brown is a badass athlete with the soul of a writer. This is not your average, sanitized account of the path to Olympic glory—it's a brutally honest, funny, and at times horrifying book about what it really takes to change your own life.

Kate Fillion, author of How We Can Win

A gutsy, unflinching and ultimately inspiring peek beyond the Olympic podium at the high cost of chasing precious metal. Jeremiah Brown writes the way he raced, with rage and pain and power. He holds nothing back.

Ken MacQueen, Vancouver bureau chief, Maclean’s

Startlingly frank, at times wrenching, Jeremiah Brown's account of his journey to an Olympic medal is an inspiration — not just for athletes but for anyone who is facing a challenge they think is insurmountable.

Tom McCarthy, award-winning author and editor

A story of family, ferocious determination, and the remarkable people who helped make it possible!

Charley Butt, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing Head Coach, Harvard University

An extraordinary story about how far passion and perseverance can take you. Jeremiah Brown’s struggle, challenges, and ability to overcome are incredibly relatable. This is a must-read for any dreamer pursuing a passion.

Michael Callahan, Head Coach, Washington men’s rowing team

Tells the story of what it means to train hard, really hard, and develop the mental and physical skills needed for success.

Toronto Star

Inherently fascinating and ultimately inspiring, The 4 Year Olympian is an extraordinary memoir.

Midwest Book Review

Candid and inspirational, The 4 Year Olympian is captivating from cover to cover and highly recommended.

Midwest Book Review

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