Massey Hall


The incredible history of Toronto’s premier concert hall.

Massey Hall is the most revered music hall in North America, if not the world. As the iconic institution and people’s gathering place in the heart of downtown Toronto celebrates 125 years, McPherson delves deep into the incredible history of this building, interviewing many artists who have graced the stage and chatting with long-time patrons and past board members.

Featuring never-before published photos, Massey Hall: An Enduring Legacy chronicles much more than just the musical moments that have taken place within Massey’s walls. From political speeches and women’s rights rallies to boxing matches, take a step back in time and learn about all the key milestones and the stories behind the stories of Massey Hall.

About the Author

David McPherson

Posted by Kendra on November 15, 2016
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David McPherson

David McPherson is a regular contributor to Words + Music, Hamilton Magazine, and No Depression. Over the years his writing on music has also appeared in Paste, American Songwriter, Canadian Musician, Exclaim!, and at He lives in Waterloo, Ontario.